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I have always been interested in selling the things I create ever since I got so many praises by friends and family. I think what led to creating a store was being a stay at home mom and wanting to do more with all the free time I had. It was a long process of finding out what I wanted to do. 

Once my first daughter had her first birthday I was searching the internet one day to come up with a party theme and found a website called Hostess With the Mostess. I was in awe of it. All of these fab parties that moms and event planners came up with. I was instantly hooked! My daughter had a "Lemonade Stand" theme birthday and I created most of the stuff for it, right down to a mini play lemonade stand made out of wood crates. 

Genuine Littles is a children's boutique that sells upscale clothes for infants to young kids.  We also offer quality designs in our print shoppe for events and home decor.  You can also find novelty items in our shop, such as, our popular Grandkids Sign!

I would volunteer whenever a friend or family member was throwing a party to make something for them for free to get some ideas out there and feedback. Once I did enough to where everyone was telling me, "Why aren't you selling these?" I then created a stationary business in 2012. Which has led me to opening up Genuine Littles.

T E A M  M E M B E R S


Founder | Designer

I'm the founder of Genuine Littles.  I do all the designing, buying, shipping, packaging, marketing, and assembling.  I love decorating, my family, watching the CW & HGTV, and planning parties!  In my off time I am a mother of 2 and a wife to my wonderful wood craftsman.

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Wood Craftsman | Shipping Manager

I'm the wood creator of all things wood! I help keep the founder happy by bringing her coffee for those long nights and early mornings.  I also help with packaging orders and droping off the packages. I love to watch woodworking YouTube videos, spend time with my family, And in my off time I am a full time Helicopter Mechanic.

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Inventory Clerk | Shipping Organizer

I Take care of all the inventory counting when needed.  I also make sure all your packages get put in the bin for pick up.  I love Cheerleading, my family, playing games, And reading in my off time.  I also love watching tv, but don't tell the founder that! :)

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